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Meet The C  E O


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Having a child with autism was the beginning for me. It was the combination of feeling overwhelmed, not knowing where to turn for help and the fear of the unknown. I believe, like GI Joe, “Knowing is half the Battle.” So, I dug in, obtained as much knowledge as I could. Our dream was to ensure that our son could and would live the successful, independent and autonomous life we knew he could have.


I earned my Bachelors in Business Administration and eventually my Masters in Special Education where I soon began my role as a Special Education teacher. This work would lay the foundation for a future I was unaware would become my dream. 


As a parent, I was always advocating, not only for my son, but for all children with special needs. I knew that I needed to reach more families and help our children reach their fullest potential. I began Sykes Early Intervention Services (SERC) in 2014 and worked with Babies Can’t Wait as an Early Intervention Specialist. Once I received my Masters in ABA, I became the Autism Specialist for several counties in south Atlanta and then, as a BCBA, decided to expand the company to include ABA therapy where we provide 1:1 ABA, Speech and Occupational therapy for children diagnosed with Austin Spectrum Disorder.


SERC is recognized as a High-Quality ABA organization with Core Values that we call PIECE (Professionalism, Integrity, Excellence, Compassion, Empower). Our team provides high-quality, compassionate services that are grounded in these values because our children deserve our best. The goal is to change the trajectory of a child’s life by helping them reach their fullest potential. We also strive to give hope, to inspire and to empower our families as they become advocates for their children.

We are more than Owner, BCBAs, RBTs, we are Heroes!

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