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School Ready...Set...Go!!!!

Here at SERC our short term Goal is to help your kiddo transition successfully to their next step....SCHOOL

Once there, in many areas, therapists are not allowed in schools to assist your kiddo with that transition, therefore, we strive to ensure they will be successful. As we know, if behaviors are not reduced and skills are not developed by this time, educational gaps grow causing your kiddo to fall further behind academically. 

Our School Readiness Model allows for your kiddo to experience each day what they will encounter when they start school helping them to gain the skills that can help them transition successfully to a General Education setting.

Our Rotation Schedule

Classroom is structured time where the Team comes together (5 Therapists and 5 Kiddos) in our classroom. This includes classic Circle time where we go over ABC, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Days of the week, Months of the year. Our kiddos are taught to sit (in chairs), attend and participate in all activities. We also facilitate turn-taking, sharing, social interaction with peers, motor imitation, playing with toys according to their function, group and individual activities. 

DTT (Discrete Trial Training) is conducted in individual therapy rooms with only the kiddo and their therapist. This time is spent working on the Plan of Care goals which includes skill acquisition and behavior deceleration. Although those are worked on in all environments, this time is more focused and concentrated.

Sensory Time focuses on body regulation and various sensory items are provided to each kiddo in order to address their specific sensory needs including but not limited to brushing, squeezing, jumping, compression vests, weighted vests, playdoh, slime, water beads, visual stimulation, kinetic sand, snow, noodles, etc. Over or under stimulation can impede focus and academic growth.

Playground is unstructured and structured time where the Team comes together and social interaction, motor imitation, turn taking among peers is strongly encouraged.

Specials are music, art, reading corner, science, etc. Our kiddos get to move to this area to show off they artistic and exploratory talents!

Lunch/Snack is when skills using utensils, drinking from open cups, trying new foods, sitting at the table, and asking for wanted items is facilitated.

Oh and we Potty Train as well!!

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