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Our Mission is to seek out, identify, evaluate, and treat infants, toddlers, and young children with or suspected of having special needs and provide compassionate early intervention services to improve cognitive, social, emotional, and physical developmental outcomes.


Our Vision is to ensure children with special needs reach their fullest developmental potential and become successful independent adults by:

Providing high-quality ABA treatments that are evidenced-based to improve social skills, socially acceptable behaviorsClosing the gap between the diagnosis and treatment of children at risk for special needs

Closing the social, emotional, and cognitive gaps that are likely to occur for undiagnosed and untreated children

Reducing national, local and community costs associated with remedial and resource services by increasing the number of children who mainstream into regular education classrooms and earn a high school diploma and/ or post-secondary education

Providing learning opportunities for parents to become advocates for their children and future generations

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